See-level Learners offers classes and activities for kids who are fired up about learning together. We learn by doing, in community, gaining new skills and having fun!

Kids who come to See-level should be ready to learn,  excited about the subject matter and able to be respectful and engaged when they come to class.

Why “See-level?”

It’s a pun. I live on an island and I do a lot of thinking about-  (and activist work around) climate change. Also, in all of our class work, we focus on collaboration, cooperation, and compassion:  putting ourselves in other people’s shoes so we can see eye-to-eye.

About your teacher


My name is Kirsten Quint Fairbanks and I’m a homeschooling mama starting my 6th year of teaching. I’m also a trained Early Childhood educator, having taught preschool for many years before having kids of my own. When I’m not teaching young ones, I am a health and life coach with a passion for working with moms and children. In my capacity as a coach I’ve led groups and taught classes and workshops for over a decade. You can learn more about that part of my life over here if you’re curious.

I have a passion for learning in groups, for applying principles of social permaculture to my work (another passion), and for continuing to try (and fail, and try again) at new things all the time. My aim is to bring self-directed learning to life for my kids and their cohort. I follow my kids’ interests and lead, creating classes and activities that help kids set goals, collaborate in groups and work independently, and to learn how to learn– a skill that will help them with any endeavor they take on throughout their lives.

Please have a browse around, and get in touch at thefairbanks4@gmail.com if you have questions. We look forward to learning with you!